Green Tourism

In February 2017 Gilmerton House was very proud to achieve the Green Tourism Business Scheme Gold Award for its commitment to sustainability. The Green Tourism programme recognises those venues that display the highest standards of sustainability and conservation, along with a solid green ethos.

Here are a few examples of how Gilmerton House continues to deliver sustainable practices:

  • For nearly thirty years the house has benefited from the use of a Biomass boiler which provides heat and hot water for the entire property. The boiler burns recycled wood and cardboard from the estate and wood from local residents that would otherwise go to landfill.
  • There is currently a major project underway to restore the historic kitchen garden ( This will be a centre of gardening therapy and a life enhancing environment for those facing challenges to their mental health. When operational, it will provide herbs, fruit, flowers and eggs for the house.
  • Thousands of hardwood trees have been planted throughout the estate’s woodlands over the last two decades.
  • Broken trees are left in place to provide drilling sites for woodpeckers.
  • In 2016 several beehives were erected in the grounds, producing honey for house guests and for sale to the local community. More beehives are planned for the future.
  • In order to encourage and provide a suitable habitat for local wildlife, three bat boxes and a hedgehog house were installed in the woodlands in 2017.
  • There is a long established practice of hosting charitable events for the local community.
  • Gilmerton House has taken great care in selecting its panel of caterers. Of the three caterers on the panel, two have Green Tourism Gold awards. The third has set out its ethical catering policy which includes using local suppliers, ensuring all supplies are fully traceable and working with Changeworks and Vegware to help minimise the impact on the environment.
  • Fresh breakfast supplies are sourced from local butchers and greengrocers using as much local produce as possible.
  • The house’s main food wholesaler is part of a sustainability and social responsibility campaign.
  • Toiletries provided in the guest bedrooms are 100% plant and mineral based and contain no synthetic ingredients.
  • Room diffusers and sprays are made from eco- friendly, natural and organic ingredients.
  • The use of recycled printer paper and envelopes and eco- friendly toilet rolls has become standard practice at Gilmerton House.
  • Recycling boxes for cardboard, glass, plastic, metal and paper are in regular use.
  • Water conserving Hippos have been placed in toilet cisterns where possible.
  • Face towels are in use in guest bathrooms and toilets in place of paper towels in order to reduce waste.
  • LED lighting is in use throughout the house.
  • There are plans underway to install electric car charging points on the property.

The Kinloch family has had a long standing commitment to protecting the environment and, along with every member of staff, is dedicated to support and enhance Gilmerton House’s Green Agenda.